A moment (of happiness)

a moment (of happiness)

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A man and a woman
finish sentences
and laugh.

A man and a woman
at a table, in a café
in a city.

The man and the woman
are free, like many
they’re happy

For now it’s around 2.30. They’re
having a time, though
he was late.

He says, I’m sorry. But she
presses a finger
to his lips.

Says, don’t spoil this
perfect happy

He opens his mouth and
bites her finger

She pulls away, laughing,
primps her hair. They’re
so happy. She

Imagines another happy
moment twenty, thirty
years from now.

How the elm will be taller
offer shade where people queue
for the bus.

This building and this café still,
though the paint will yellow,
the table cloths.

But she can’t locate him
anywhere. Sees only
an empty chair.

‘Another wine, an espresso?’
He asks. She shakes
her head

Looks away. If she had to see
him in this moment of

Her composure would crack
and she’d bawl.
‘Hey,’ he says.

It’s around 2.30 too late
to go back to work, too
soon to part.

So they finish sentences
this man and this woman
– and laugh.

Each sentence is both
an acquiesence
and a dismissal.


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