A moment (of happiness) – a man and a woman finish sentences…

The 0 – Are we still talking…

Hat – The blender, the former, the calibrated shrinkage.

Getting ready (Feb. 2017)...Consolidate all necessary paperwork (tickets, visas, vouchers) into robust fiche to be carried on person at all times.

Wineglass Bay, E. Tas, (42.13°S 148.31°E) … is someone’s beach-idea perfected in whale-bone

The lounge (a memoir)
“It’s about embracing change,” says Penelope, HR’s hired gun.
Gull grey eyes look at me, just another improbable Ulysses…The lounge (a memoir).

The Short Tax Return for Individuals

  • Start with your name: last first and then first last.
  • Do you have a preferred name?
  • Have you changed your name since your last return?

cold front coming (Akaroa, New Zealand)
the twilight is as green as greenstone
and there’s a cold front coming

Standing on the Leith Docks
Now’s the day and now’s the hour;
and this December evening
the freshening wind brings
cabbage and a whiff of hashish…leith-docks

Early days
Found underground, a sea
in parched WA…early_days

The Best Man
Marry me—let’s do it today
and tomorrow we’ll toast tequila… best-man

Two old palings lean together. One wets a rolly
wrist all knobs and gristle… untitled_currawongs

Down in the channel the tide inhales and
seaflowers fixed ‘gainst the suck and swirling
rush, wave frantic at tenant fish tripping… sonnet

The road not taken (38.0072° S, 177.2871° E)
Rather than the long road, the coast road,
the narrow goat road that follows
the bowls and bends of this sundered shore… the-road-not-taken

The Lovesong of the Flounder
Let us go there, you and I
Where the salt marshes are spread out ‘neath the sepia sky
Like a poem anaesthetised on a page… flounder